“Because everyone has a story…”

Love is Love: David and Adam Rocca

ROCKIN’ UP WITH THE ROCCAS — More than the fight for legal rights, acceptance, and equality, marriage for David Rocca (34; videographer/content creator ) and Adam Rocca (26; real estate agent) is nothing but a celebration of union and love.  Hey Paolo: What were your individual “coming out” stories like? David: I was a late […]

Hey Paolo Meets: Radio Producer and 5EBI 103.1 FM’s President Juan Paolo Legaspi

Radio, as a communication medium, has undeniably evolved over the years. With a new batch of talented and passionate people who constantly aspire to share their voices, knowledge, and stories to world, radio will always have a place among people. 5EBI 103.1 FM’s Juan Paolo Legaspi, 33, shares his radio journey story.  Hey Paolo: How […]

Hey Paolo Meets: Entrepreneur and Entertainer Shania Twatt

They often say, “real queens fix each other’s crowns.” For Matthew Bruno, 35, he might have learned his lessons the hard way, but he is now ready to push himself once again to return to the scene and to bring his fab alter ego, Shania Twatt, back on track.  Hey Paolo: What inspired you to become […]

#HowTo: Make Argentinian Vegetarian Empanadas with Naomi Morandi

My Argentinian friend and Volleyball teammate, Naomi Morandi (@naomi.morandi), takes over my kitchen to make these delicious vegetarian Argentinian empanadas. You read it right — they are vegetarian! Empanadas are usually made with meat, but this healthy variation makes it more exciting: lots of cheese, onion, mushroom, and more cheese. View this post on Instagram […]

#ChooseYourCharacter: Australian States Edition (featuring Zachary Steele)

  #ChooseYourCharacter: Australian States Edition WAIT TILL THE END 🤣 Model: @zachary.steele13 If you could choose your preferred video game character based on these various #AustralianStates ~ who would you choose? View this post on Instagram WAIT TILL THE END 🤣 Model: @zachary.steele13 • If you could choose your preferred video game character based on these various #AustralianStates […]