I read somewhere in a book: “Don’t you think it’s beautiful to go somewhere where you don’t know a single soul?”

Now, I ask the same question to myself.

We always fear the unknown. We fear being alone. We fear what we don’t understand.

Bearing all these fears with me, I recently went on a solo adventure to challenge myself:

From not being in control

And not having any itineraries at all.

Can we really enjoy an adventure when we’re alone?

I realized, fear is what holds us back.

I decided to take on this journey by letting go of things and circumstances I’ve been used to.

I decided to remain open.

In order to listen. And to understand.

And in opening up and letting go, I discovered I was able to fully own these new possibilities.

To be surprised with unexpected moments.

To be humbled in front of the truly humbling.

Uncover cultures.

Go beyond the norm.

Discover our flaws. And inner magnificence.

Recognize love in many different forms.

I realized, to be an explorer is to remain curious.

It’s a way for us to fathom life’s metaphors and oxymorons

It’s our way to strengthen old faith and establish respect in newfound ones.

By following the mountains, the birds, the lakes, the sky, and the sun

By following our hearts.

These little things that make us happy. Those that keep us laughing. Those that keep us inspired. And amazed. And thrilled.

In the end, they make us feel complete.

Even for just this single moment.

In being alone, we are actually not alone.

There will always be new souls to meet along the way.

My recent adventure has just ended, yet another chapter of my life has begun.

I may have started this journey with fear.

But I walked out of this adventure as an entire new person.

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