Albert Einstein once said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

For over many decades, angel intuitive, life coach, and psychic Audrey Andrea, 50, has faced strong skepticisms with regard to her special mystical abilities: psychic reading, hearing angels, and seeing spirits. Rather than stopping at an early age when she first had these encounters, she welcomed the mystery of metaphysics and embraced this unique gift of intuition into her adulthood. With formal education to now back up her skills, Audrey has evolved into an inspirational soul and healing coach who helps people find meaning in their lives. Now, she runs Audrey’s Wellness Holistic Centre, her own cozy space at 228A Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, where she conducts angel psychic workshops, space clearing sessions, and personal empowerment consultations.   

What was your first encounter with the spirits?

I started hearing angels and seeing spirits when I was six years old. My uncle passed away at that time because of an accident and I saw him, as a soul, sit beside me at the funeral parlour. He said he wanted to speak to his wife as he wanted to say goodbye. I told my family about this incident and everyone thought I’ve been played on by evil spirits.

Since then, I’ve been seeing spirits in many forms (elves, angels, etc.) and I just talk and play with them. Growing up in a Catholic environment (both school and family), I eventually tried to stop entertaining and talking about these spiritual incidences, although I still encounter them every now and then.

When I was in my late 20s, a voice started speaking to me again and it came from my deceased grandmother who instructed me to write her messages in Kapampangan dialect. After 10 minutes, I managed to fill four A4 papers while listening to her voice. I showed what I wrote to my mother who then reaffirmed that these messages of positivity did really come from my grandma.

How did you hone your skills?

I went to Sydney, Australia to take up certificates and courses on Metaphysical Sciences. This is so that I can become more educated and confident to speak in front of people.

What are the challenges that you typically face?

Initially, it was very tough as not a lot of people are open to these services. They thought I was crazy and depressed that’s why I keep hearing things. I once spoke to a Catholic priest and he shared to me that Joan of Arc did also hear voices and messages from Archangel Gabriel. He also told me that as long as the messages I hear don’t intend to harm anyone, then there’s nothing wrong in what I’m doing.

What are the services that you offer in your holistic center?

Gearing away from just angel card/psychic reading, I also focus more now on how to empower people. My services include love for crystals, healing therapies, clearing blockages in aura fields, and personal/group coaching. I intend to give light, inspiration, and positive energy to people.

Types of clients in Singapore

A majority of our clients are local Singaporeans and they generally seek our guidance about their wellbeing. I’ve had clients who are even doctors and lawyers, but at the end of the day, they just need someone to talk to. They prefer talking to psychics or therapists rather than to psychologists as they don’t want medicines to help them with their life stresses and depressions.

How do you deal with those who don’t believe in you?

I don’t want to impose or force my knowledge to other people who are not open. I try to let them understand as much as I can instead.

How do you deal with so many client negative stories and energies that you regularly encounter?

I’ve become vegetarian in the last 20 years so that the spiritual energy that I personally carry won’t be that heavy. I also do lots of nature walk, meditations, and I avoid food that are generally heavy like caffeine. I also create my own essential oil blends and use different crystals depending on my needs.

What are the crystals that you would recommend for those who are in need of the following?

  • Money: Citrine and Peridote (merchant stones to feel positive and to uplift your spirit frequency)
  • Love: Rose Quartz (any pink crystals / to radiate love energy)
  • Career: Malachite and Amber (to feel the energy of success and confidence)
  • Health: Bloodstone, Amethyst, and Selenite (they work for a better “aura”)
  • Peace: Blue Lace Agate and Aquamarine (to clear negative thoughts)
  • Depression: Lepidolite, Lithium, and Smoky Quartz (for those with low energies)

How do you spend your holidays and day offs?

I teach or travel. I usually like connecting to nature. My favorite travel destination in the world is Japan.

Recommended spots in Singapore with good aura/energy:

I like the energy of Botanic Garden. There’s a portal there on the ground near the lake where I felt some kind of good energy. The fairies there are also very wise and they like to talk a lot. Another “power place” in Singapore is the Novena Church as it gives you an inspirational and uplifting energy.

Do you think this special skill is hereditary?

My grandmother was a shaman medicine woman. They say the skill in the family skips one generation as it gets passed on to the next. However, I have four sons and all of them also possess certain skills of clarivoyance or psychic tendencies.

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