We asked Amy Chen (Chinese) and Thanade McCoole (Irish-Thai) to try our most-loved Filipino dishes at Lucky Plaza, Singapore. Watch their funny reactions!

Here’s what they tried (Part 1):

  1. Pancit Canton (Pilipino Cafe (#04-044)
  2. Bulalo (Lutong Pinoy #B1-16)
  3. Jollibee Chickenjoy (Jollibee #06-048A)
  4. Adobo (Fiesta Grill #02-111)
  5. Isaw (LechonSG #B1-16)

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Thanks to our partners: LBC, Philippine National Bank, Smart World, and SSS.

Random Republika Team: Paolo Avis, JP Quitco, and Kate Adajar
Models: Amy Chen and Thanade McCoole
Cameramen: Zainudin Dollah & Jovin Jose
Special participation of Edeline Regudo
Shoot location: Fiesta Grill, Lucky Plaza (#02-11). Special thanks to Ate Jane Ducay

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