Confused — is how I describe the city of Ho Chi Minh / Saigon. I can sense the urgent clamor for progression, but their facades are still chained from their brutal past.  The mix of French colonialism, yet carrying the heart of nationalism and local pride.

Beneath the tarnished walls and daunting back alleys, the swift motor bikes and flamboyant mosaic tiles, the warm soups despite the humid-sticky weather, Saigon was interestingly unfathomable. Pretty much like my character: seemingly obvious (and to some extent colorful) facades, but no one braved to fully understand.   

It’s a paradise. It’s a war zone.

Here’s a compilation of my personal photos taken in Ho Chi Minh City back in April 2016:

bikes side walk vendors in ho chi minh city vietnam
blue skies ho chi minh city palace government building
cathedral catholic church ho chi minh city notre dame
cathdral of notre dama side view vietnam
solo cathedral of notre dame church vietnam saigon
solo walk cathedral notre dama saigon fashion ootd
national museum ho chi minh city hallways
national museum of ho chi minh city hallway solo
vintage car national museum of ho chi minh city
staircase national museum hcmc
colorful vietnamese tiles hcmc
staircase hcmc
central post office saigon ho chi minh city vietnam tourist spot
inside central post office saigon vietnam
saigon opera house ho chi minh city facade
street lights saigon ho chi minh city vietnam night shot
fast speed motorbikes saigon street photography
selfie boat mekong delta saigon ho chi minh city vietnam
tourists mekong delta river vietnam boat ride

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