How did the Facebook page Classic Pare® Titos and Titas of Manila rapidly amass a million zealous following in the last couple of months? In this social era where the 80s and 90s babies are overshadowed by so-called millennials, it is everyone’s glorious past that uninhibitedly binds the new generation of titos (uncles) and titas (aunties) to form such a wistful community that pays tribute to the good old days. As some of us would claim: nostalgia begets nostalgia.

People my age believe we all had a better “childhood” than most kids born in the new millennium — although my father and grandfather would probably disagree and claim their generations were far better.   

When I was still little, I used to play a lot on the streets with my classmates, cousins, or neighbors. Before Super Mario and virtual competitions became a trend, children back then spent most of their free time actively competing against each other in fun games such as jolen/holen (marbles), piko (hopscotch), tumbang preso (knock down the prisoner), syato, sipa, among many others.

Recently, I got hit by nostalgia really badly, hence I decided to relive my childhood through these traditional Filipino games. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I pass the knowledge to people who haven’t experienced playing such games?


In a sexy battle between boys versus girls, we invited our Singaporean buddies to play traditional Filipino games for the very first time. Representing the boys are 2017 Manhunt Singapore finalists Hassanal Ruslan and Fazrie Pawzni, while the girls are represented by beauty queen-sisters, Chloe Xu (Miss Supranational Singapore 2016)and Kaitlyn Xu (Miss Singapore Tourism Queen of the Year 2016).

ROUND 1: 10-20

Also known as Chinese Garter, the 10-20 game requires strength, agility, and flexibility from the players.

The mechanics are as follows (simple form):

  • Two members will serve as the game posts standing opposite each other as they hold the end of each garter.
  • The playing team will need to jump over the garter following a sequence of jumping routine (10-20-30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100).
  • As the playing team successfully complete each round, they advance to the next level with the height of the garter adjusted to a higher position.


Jackstones (or popularly known as Five Stones in Singapore) requires a certain amount of precision and swiftness.

The mechanics are as follows (simple form):

  • While sitting down, the player needs to throw and scatter the 10 jacks on the floor. 
  • By using just one hand, he/she must throw the ball slightly upward and before the ball’s second bounce on the floor, he/she must be able to pick 1 piece of jack without moving the rest of the jacks. 
  • He/she must complete the 10 jacks to finish the first round. In the second round, he/she must pick two jacks at a time. Complete this until the person reaches level 10.


Luksong Tinik literally translates to “jumping over thorns.” Similar to 10-20, this game involves a lot of high jumps and leg work.

The mechanics are as follows (simple form):

  • Using their feet and hands, the opposing team will act as the “thorns” while sitting down.
  • The playing team needs to jump over the thorns as they go higher and higher.

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