Imagine sleeping in Persia and waking up in India (Little India in Singapore, that is!) — this is the unique charm brought by The Daulat Singapore. Located in the old heritage quarter of Little India, Singapore (16 Madras Street), this boutique hotel houses 16 rooms ranging from Deluxe types (17 square meters) to Loft Suites (32 square meters). Designed with modern interiors and tasteful Arabian accents (such as the hanging mosaic lamps that welcome guests at the reception area), The Dalat ups their style game amidst the shady and dodgy 3-star hotels and B&Bs found in the same neighborhood.


We checked in at their Loft Room (23 square meters) and we were surprised by the hotel’s genius use of space. Upon entering the room, you will immediately find the shower area (next to the door on the left) and the unattached toilet (on the right). The compact room has a mezzanine floor which leads you to the bedroom (with a queen-sized bed and television set). Although there’s minimal space to move around, it’s cozy and comfy nonetheless.


Aside from a mini-dipping pool, the hotel also has a garden area on the 2nd floor where guests can hang and enjoy the afternoon sun. My favorite spot in the property is the dining area at the lobby floor which serves as the breakfast spot too for in-house guests. The communal long table is meant to be a shared space for guests to dine together and chit-chat. Majority of the guests are travelers from around the world anyway. Knowing most travelers/backpackers I’ve encountered in the past, they sure like doing random conversations with fellow travelers.


Service is small hotels can be a hit or a miss. Fortunately, at The Daulat, they were on point. Although they only have a handful of service crew (one to two at the reception counter plus two more in the kitchen and a couple more for room service), they were all very mindful and attentive to their guests.


  • Possibly the largest 24-hour shopping mall in Singapore, Mustafa Centre is just a 10-minute walk away from the hotel. Here you will find a variation of shopping finds: from gold necklaces to special Indian spices, electronic products, chocolates/candies, meat/vegetables, and clothes/apparels.
  • Have you ever customized your Nasi Lemak? If you haven’t tried it yet, head over to Nasi Lamak Kukus (229 Selegie Road) and order as many a la carte sides as you want. In this favorite local foodie spot, you can decide how much/how many chicken wings, sausages, eggs, beef or chicken rendang, cucumber, ikan bilis, etc. to add in your plate.
  • For a dose of culture, nearby the hotel are various popular religious places such as the Hindu temples of Sri Veeramakaliamman & Sri Krishnan and the Muslim Mosque of Masjid Abdul Gaffoor.

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