Vlog #1: About Me

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Hi there and thanks for visiting my channel! I’m Paolo Avis, founder of HeyPaolo.com, and I migrated to Adelaide, South Australia last March 2019.

Still fresh off the boat, I decided to create this lifestyle blog/vlog in order to help my fellow migrants to learn and discover what it is like living in this festival state and city of churches.

The next vlog episodes lined up in my channel will bring fun and exciting interviews with friends (featuring local Australians, foreigners, and migrants).

Photo by Bow and Ribbons Photography

In this channel, I aim to provide migrant tips, to share local recommendations (e.g. restaurants, cafes, recreational spots, etc.), and to feature exclusive life stories of the people I meet.

I do hope you will take time to subscribe to my Youtube channel (click here) and I do hope you can also spread the word.

My aim is to help one person at a time and for everyone to see that it’s also fun living in Adelaide City!

See you around, boys and girls.



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