Vlog #2: First 10 Things You Need To Do When You Migrate To Adelaide, South Australia

What are the most essential items you need to learn & do when you migrate to Adelaide, South Australia?

In this vlog episode, I tag-teamed with my housemate & best friend, JP Quitco, to share with you some of our firsthand insights, knowledge, and experiences as temporary permanent residents (Visa 489) in Adelaide.

We’ll be sharing with you some tips on:

  1. How to look for jobs
  2. Renting houses
  3. Finding your electricity/power and Wi-Fi suppliers
  4. Registering for a tax number
  5. Cnverting your overseas drivers’ licenses
  6. Getting around the city
  7. Applying for bank accounts
  8. Applying for telco/phone lines
  9. Getting you medically insured
  10. Where to go for grocery shopping.

We might have missed out on other important information, so feel free to comment below and share us your thoughts.

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