Vlog #3: Learning Aussie Slangs with Personal Trainer Adam Cannella

Do you know that Australians call “afternoon” as “arvo,” “football” as “footy,” and “barbecue” as “barbie”? If you do, then good on ‘ya mate!

But what about these words: “woop woop,” “bogan,” and “sheila”? Do you know what they stand for? I bet you “defo” had a hard time.

I recently visited one of the first few mates I’ve made in Adelaide, Adam Cannella, who also runs his own gym and personal training (Adam – Movement Therapy) inside his own house. In our vlog challenge, Adam taught me some of the most commonly used Australian slangs while also teaching me some essential workout tips.

WATCH FULL VIDEO on YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/OrRhs2cHKFs

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