2019: A Year In Review


A year ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with the biggest nightmare: I dreamt I was in Adelaide for the first time and there was no one there! The city was grey and empty. I was lonely. It felt like a scene in “Walking Dead” where I was trapped in a lonely ghost town. With teary eyes, I woke myself up from my slumber.

Is it really that hard to move to a new city? Transitioning away from your comfort zone (work, friends, lifestyle, etc.) only to start a new life from scratch? Why change when everything seems to be working pretty well?

Anxious and yet excited, I had six big luggages worth of happy memories from my decade of living in Singapore and they all traveled with me over 5,400+ kms to my new home.

I said to myself: no turning back, no regrets.

I witnessed three seasons from the time I arrived and each carried clear messages of progress:

Autumn: A period of letting go of things I was used to (a.k.a. my life in Singapore). It was also a period of transitions and preparations: renting a new house, shopping for house furniture, buying insurance, buying a car, learning how to drive, cooking my own food, finding new friends and potential dates, and exploring new places.

Just when I thought I was already considered a full grown up in Singapore, I came to Adelaide only to grow up once more.

Winter: A period of self-awareness. Although winter dampened my spirit at some point (yes, there was a day I cried and cried in my room with no apparent reasons at all, only the gloomy weather to blame), the cold also helped me become more introspective. When majority of people tend to cave in during this season, I was determined to do otherwise and to discover my other potentials: becoming more fit and becoming more active, getting a personal trainer, bulking up, changing my food plan, getting into social beach volleyball, making new friends (lots of them!), and starting a new blog.

I’ve also started going on a steady date (yay me!).

Just when I thought I already discovered the one, the same one turned out to be a chicken who eventually ran away.

Summer: A period of slow stability and possibilities. With longer days and more sun also came the feeling of personal contentment. Each day sees a more solid routine for me: gymming, beach volley, having constant friends (although some have come and go!), eating healthy food, heading outdoors & baking myself under the sun, and working from home.

Adelaide has been experiencing 45-degree heat waves the past few weeks. Just when I thought the dry & hot summer days are here to stay longer, the weather suddenly dropped to a cool 24 degree today.

It is clear to say, anything can happen in Adelaide — anything can happen in my life too! Can’t wait for the new season to pass.

Bring it on, 2020!

– Paolo


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