Hey Paolo Meets: Antonio Castiglia

Twenty-year-old petroleum engineering student, Antonio Castiglia, discovered his sexy confidence two years ago when he first seriously got into weight training. Now, he is all geared up to rock 2020 with a solid determination in achieving his new fitness goals.

Hey Paolo: What Keeps You Busy These Days?

I spend most of my time at the gym, working in hospitality, and hanging with my friends. My friends and I don’t necessarily go out and drink to have fun, but we also like random activities such as playing indoor soccer, heading to the beach, and hiking outdoors. But during my day-offs, I prefer to just relax and do nothing at home.

Hey Paolo: When Did You Get Into Fitness?

It’s really hard for me to put on weight naturally. I was really skinny two years ago at about 65 kg — and I got sick of it. I went up to 80 kg within three months and I saw how much better I looked, so I just kept pushing it. The only way for me to get bigger is by eating and training.

Hey Paolo: What Motivated You To Get Into Fitness?

My dad is a personal trainer and he pushed me to be fit. I was never interested in gym training. My main focus then was just school and playing video games, but I realized I needed to change for the better.

Hey Paolo: Favorite Workout?

Ches. Right after training, you immediately feel the pump, plus you’ll definitely look better and bigger afterwards.

Hey Paolo: Favorite Healthy Dish?

Eggs, smoked salmon, and avocado on a light rye bread

Hey Paolo: Favorite Cheat Meal?

I’m addicted to Krispy Kreme and their apple crumble doughnuts are my favorite.

Hey Paolo: Which Gym Do You Go To?

Goodlife Dernancourt.

Hey Paolo: What Is Your Sexiest Body Part?

I’ll have to say my abs.

Hey Paolo: What’s Your Go-To Food Place In Adelaide?

Italian restaurant Sneaky’s (143 Heaslip Road, Angle Vale) is really good. They have amazing food. It’s worth a visit especially if you’re celebrating something special or it’s an important dinner with someone.

I also like the Vietnamese rolls sold at University of Adelaide’s canteen.

Hey Paolo: Where Do You Go If You Would Like To Have A Good Time?

If I’m with my girlfriend, we like going to Latitude (trampoline and rock climbing park; 13-15 Fosters Rd. Greenacres). It’s really underrated and you’ll think it’s only for kids, but they also have a parkour course where you can just jump around for an hour. It’s really good for fitness.

If I’m with my friends, we like walking around Rundle Mall and buying bubble tea. If it’s a night out, we like going to clubs such as HQ, Reds, Dogs, Cry Baby, and Electric Circus.

Hey Paolo: Who’s Your Fitness Icon?

I’ll have to say Chayse Tattershall (Instagram: @chaysetattershall). He’s one of the Australian athletes sponsored by International Protein.

Hey Paolo: Who’s Your Celebrity Crush?

Alexandra Daddario (from the movie Baywatch).

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