Vlog #5: Can You Guess The Name Of These International Snacks? (Part 1) – All Available In Adelaide

Are you good at guessing the names of international snacks and determining where are they originally from, even with your eyes closed?

I recently challenged my foodie friends in Adelaide to test their knowledge and taste buds on various snacks (ranging from noodles to chips) that they might be unfamiliar with, but are apparently easily accessible and can be easily bought in shops here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Mo (from Lebanon), Marzieh (from Iran), and Joel (from Adelaide)

When it comes to unfamiliar food, how do you react to a strange dish in front of you? Do you easily get scared like Mo, or do you try it with gusto like Marzieh, or do you savour it and indulge on it like Joel?

Here’s Part 1 of this yummy video — featuring snacks from #Portugal, #SouthKorea, #USA, #Mexico, #SouthAfrica, #Turkey, #Thailand, and of course #Australia.

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