Create Your (Not So Perfect) DIY Mask

Okay. I’m actually not sure why I did this video. Maybe I’m bored while in isolation. But more than that, I was also challenged a by a few close friends to create content that’s more authentic to my true self.

“I don’t see Paolo in Hey Paolo.”


I admit, ever since they mentioned this to me, it has bugged me for a few days. How do I create creative content, but still consistently sharing a piece of the real me in my own content?

Since I wanted this blog to be more personal, then why should I leave my persona out of the picture?

I do love creating content for public consumption, but I feel it doesn’t have to be all about myself. I get shy if I overshare. In the past, I try to focus my blogging on my interactions and relationships with other people instead — through photoshoots, interviews, creating videos, etc. I’ll definitely continue doing so as I feel everyone has a story to share.

But to my friends’ point, it has to have a balance as well. I have to share my own stories — for the mere fact that it’s my own blog.

To be fair, it took me a few minutes before I got the ball rolling to film this video. But once I started, I didn’t realize I was already hitting the 10 minute mark!

I guess I’ll try to create more of these types of videos once in a while then…

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