Hey Paolo E-Meets: Rachel de Brenni-Burnard of Primrose Hill Set

Thriving on her second flourishing year in the niche soy wax scented candle industry, Primrose Hill Set founder Rachel de Brenni-Burnard continuously tries to break the mould while championing unique, quality, and sustainable products offered to a highly discerning South Australian market.

Hey Paolo: What’s the history and inspiration behind Primrose Hill Set?

The “Primrose Hill Set” is a term commonly used to describe the infamous group of A-listers (style and fashion icons such as ate Moss, Jude Law, Ewan McGregor, and Sadie Frost) who have lived in and have frequented the Primrose Hill in London during the mid-1990s. Our brand pays homage to the typical atmosphere created by the “Primrose Hill Set”: every night is a celebration, acting whimsy and fancy are the norm, and endless possibilities abound. It is with this same pioneering spirit that inspired our candle range.

Hey Paolo: What makes your candles unique?

Primrose Hill Set 100% soy wax scented candles are handmade in small batches and are proudly made in Mile End, South Australia.  Our scented candles are non-toxic, vegan-friendly, kosher-certified, and cruelty-free.  We blend GMO-free high-grade soy wax with premium Australian fragrances and these are hand poured using lead-free wicks.

Cucumber Gin & Tonic Travel Tin Square

Hey Paolo: What’s your bestselling item?

During this (COVID-19) period where majority of people are practicing home isolation, our apothecary jar soy scented candles are the most sellable online via our website ETSY shop. 

The biggest scents now are: Cucumber Gin & Tonic, Roses & Sunshine, Warm Jam Brioche & Lemon Zest, Lemongrass & Sage.

Hey Paolo: What’s a candle that you would recommend for…

The Bedroom:

The Roses & Sunshine Soy Scented Candle is a gorgeous scent that captures the essence of walking through the Adelaide Hills in spring. Imagine the sun lightly caressing a bunch of dewy rose petals amongst fir pines and rose geranium bushes from neighbouring gardens — this is our most romantic smelling candle. Fragrance notes:  Rose/ Fir Needle/ Geranium/ Blackcurrant.

The Kitchen:

The Lemon Zest, Lemongrass & Sage Soy Scented Candle is perfect for the kitchen area as it is a zesty and refreshing candle that is both uplifting and cleansing. Fragrance notes:  Lemon Zest/ Lemongrass/ Sage/ Grapefruit.

Relaxing Bath Salts & Medium Tins Square

The Bathroom:

You can’t go wrong with the Fresh Figs & Honey Soy Scented Candle in the bathroom.  It is an aromatic mix of sun-warmed figs with a delicate twist of sweet golden honey and white cedar. Fragrance notes:  Fresh Figs/ Honey/ White Cedar.

Dinner Table:

The Cucumber Gin & Tonic Soy Scented Candle is a great conversation starter. It has a sensuous freshness that evokes relaxing with friends while having a glass of cucumber gin & tonic. It also has an unexpected twist of aromatic basil to uplift the spirit and relax the mind. Fragrance notes:  Cucumber/ Basil/ Grapefruit/ Lemon.

Fresh Figs & Honey Apothecary Jar & Medium Travel Tin Square

Hey Paolo: How has South Australia’s local business scene changed in the last 5 years?

We have been operating for around two and a half years now.  Although it is hard to break into a market with a new small business without large financial backing, if you offer quality products combined with lots of persistence, you can eventually make your mark.  I have found a wonderful network of other small business owners that are extremely supportive of each other and some fantastic market organizers and stockist owners who have been instrumental to our small business success.

Hey Paolo: What’s your favourite go-to place in South Australia?

For dining:  Sean’s Kitchen, Adelaide (where I celebrate birthdays & wedding anniversaries); Parwana, Torrensville (an amazing Afghan family-owned restaurant), Hey Jupiter, Adelaide (fabulous French food and great for people watching); and TingLish, Thebarton (the best Thai food & lovely owners).

My favourite stockists:  OmMade Meet the Maker, Adelaide Central Market (comprised of 14 local South Australian businesses in one shop); Place Of Kind, Torrensville (beautiful homewares, many are locally sourced and are environmentally friendly); and Have You Met Charlie?, Adelaide, Regent Arcade (great gift ideas with many local handmade products).

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