Hey Paolo E-Meets: The Girl Behind Some Of Adelaide’s New Iconic Murals — Jasmine Crisp

From the Wonderwalls of Port Adelaide to the remarkable Sia Furler mural in the West End, award-winning visual artist Jasmine Crisp, 25, contributes nothing but ingenious and progressive creations to the evolving South Australian art scene. Born and raised in Adelaide, Jasmine has attended residencies at the Praxis ARTSPACE, Carclew, and overseas (in Finland and Iceland). She has also won top accolades for the 10th Prospect Portrait Prize (2019), YouthScape Art Prize (2018), among many others. (Featured photo by Rosina Possingham 2019)

Hey Paolo: What inspired you to become a visual artist?

Drawing was something that I have always been fascinated with for as long as I can remember and I was only encouraged to expand my interest in visual arts toward the end of high school. Visual arts felt like something I’ve always wanted to pursue and there were numerous factors and important figures who have influenced my decision to actually formally study and to consider it as a profession.

Hey Paolo: How do you describe your art?

I like to describe my works as ‘narrative paintings,’ which are influenced by my life experiences, relationships, travels, and home environments. My paintings predominantly feature naturalist portraitures and representational objects/spaces that are often construed within multiple dreamlike states. More recently, my paintings have expanded to include large scale muralisms as well as traditional oil paintings.

Family port-rait mural in Port Adelaide for Wonderwalls 2020

Hey Paolo: What’s the most memorable artwork you’ve done so far?

Usually my works are made as part of a series or a greater theme, so I usually consider each series of work as a whole experience. My most memorable series will be my first solo show HOMEXHABITAT back in 2019. These works were made spanning over four months of travel in the UK, Faroe Islands, and with artist residencies in Iceland and Finland. Generating work during and beyond such an influential experience felt expansive, focusing, and energising. The result depict people, moments, thoughts, and physical places that are no longer present to me but are still deeply felt.

Hey Paolo: What’s your dream art project in South Australia?

I feel like I’ve already done a few big dream projects lately. I’ll probably only know the next dream when I find it, but I sure hope it’s another great big painting of my own design.

Venus is a tourist (self portrait in Reykjavik) 2019

Hey Paolo: What’s the best thing about being an artist living and growing up in South Australia?

After meeting many practicing artists over many states and countries, I still believe Adelaide/South Australia is a fantastic place to be an artist for quite a few reasons. Most artists here are very approachable and supportive. There are a great number of institutions and galleries that are eager to involve new artists in significant events and there’s plenty of funding bodies too who are ready to harbour the next unique project. This is all within a city where good quality of living is achievable, which also means that more artists can live and work in healthy productive environments.

Hey Paolo: How has the art scene in South Australia evolved throughout the years?

Any realm of the arts has to constantly change to survive. Studios and galleries change form and although some opportunities have dissolved, more continue to arise in different places. However, I personally believe that a new/different overarching government might help in regaining additional support towards the arts across Australia.

She just wanted a house by the water (a portrait of Sophie as Circe)

Hey Paolo: Who is Jasmine outside her art/work?

A bright-haired shameless dancer, sushi binger, gallery hopper, and addict of long (potentially dangerous) hikes whose mind is always thinking about “somewhere else.”

Her rituals commenced after five 18

Hey Paolo: Where’s your go-to place for

Coffee/Brunches: Devour Cafe Patisserie (Richmond), Mister Sunshine’s (Thebarton), Loveon (Mile End), Plant 4 Bowden (Bowden), The Howling Owl (Vaughan Pl, Adelaide), and The Loose Caboose (Hindmarsh).

Dinner Spot: Wasai Japanese Kitchen (Field St, Adelaide), Africola (East Terrace, Adelaide), Sunny’s Pizza (Solomon St, Adelaide), Electra House Hotel (King William St, Adelaide), and Bakery on O’Connell (North Adelaide) for midnight snacks.

Favorite Hangout Area: Any beach, The Wheaty at The Wheatsheaf Hotel (Thebarton), Adelaide Botanic Garden, and the Art Gallery of South Australia (AGSA).

My Three Graces Share A Toilet Seat 2018

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