Hey Paolo E-Meets: Adrian Picca

Need some fashion inspiration? Adelaide stylista Adrian Picca got us all fashionably covered from head to foot.

Hey Paolo: Describe your personal style

I enjoy a variety of looks. I really love the elegant, classy, and sophisticated style — all suited up, as it also somehow conveys power. I also enjoy rocking the smart, casual, and comfortable styles that are still unique in their own ways. 

Hey Paolo: What’s your go-to weekend outfit?

For dinner at a nice restaurant: tailored pants, a nice shirt with blazer, and white sneakers/loafers. I also like adding my own twist to my outfit such as adding a waistcoat or changing the blazer to a leather jacket. It will look different if I’m going to a club or a bar as I would most likely wear jeans, a shirt/tee, and a cool jacket.

Hey Paolo: What do you think is trending now in male fashion?

Fashion is just a cycle which repeats itself each year based on seasons. I believe baggy clothing is in. When it comes to formal wear and winter in Australia, coats, scarves, gloves, and dressing up in nice suits are trendy again.

Hey Paolo: What’s one retro style would you like to see again?

I would really love to see again more bomber jackets and jerseys that were primarily worn a lot during the 90s. As for formal wear, the double-breasted looks are slowly becoming more popular, but the wide peak lapels on a suit as well as the kipper tie will be something I would like to see making an elegant comeback.

Hey Paolo: Who’s your fashion icon?

Mariano Di Vaio. He is an Italian fashion blogger and a representative of the Italian company, Nohow. I have learned so much from him when it comes to fashion and how it can can change an individual for the better. 

Hey Paolo: Describe South Australia’s fashion sense?

I believe South Australia has a simple fashion sense, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is also evolving. Majority of men like wearing the classic blazer, shirt, and chino look for an evening night out. It is a simple look that works well almost anywhere you go. What I would like to see more is people adding their own twists and spins to their current personal style.

Hey Paolo: What’s the future of South Australia’s fashion industry?

It is heading in the right direction as we are getting more international recognitions and as local designers get more exposure and trainings.

Hey Paolo: What’s your go-to clothing shop in South Australia?

I like AS Colour (197 Rundle St.) for some coloured plain tees which also go well with suits. I also like the vintage clothing shops in Adelaide Central Market because they carry unique and inspiring garments. Majority of my shopping are done online and my current favourite is nohowstyle.com. They are unique, elegant, and they have a wide range of clothes.

Instagram page: @adrianpicca_

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