Are you #TEAMWIFE or #TEAMHUSBAND? Who do you think is better in guessing the prices of certain key essential grocery items such as a bag of garden salad, plain flour, sugar, eggs, kitchen towel, oyster blade steak, and a litre of Dettol Shower Gel? Join this fun Spanish  couple, mi amigos, Gema and Victor, in […]

While the entire world is battling an ongoing pandemic, modern day heroes have emerged especially in the field of health and wellness. They continue rising to the challenge as community frontliners with their hearts and souls exposed to the harshness brought about by this cruel virus. Behind the layers of personal protective equipment (PPE) that […]

Guest: Jesse Curkpatrick (@captain__curk), Fitness Trainer at Goodlife Health Club Cross Roads (@goodlifehc). #YourThoughts: Asking the toughest questions. Topic: The Future of Gyms Post-COVID.Will people get scared of working out in gyms again while sharing machines and equipment with other people? Will a majority stick to home workouts instead? Excerpts:“Yes there will be people who […]

With: Dr. Raymund de la Cruz (@raymund_dlc), Emergency Medicine Consultant at the #RoyalAdelaideHospital #YourThoughts: Asking the toughest questions. Topic: #GayMarriage & #Surrogacy for LGBT Parents. Excerpts: “You have to remember to separate religion and the religious and civil definition of marriage… I think the government should move more toward a secular form of government where they don’t follow any religious […]