Hey Paolo E-Meets: The HandleBar’s Thomas Watson

Ever fancied joining the random fun bunch of people always riding that peculiarly cool, eye-catchy, and ubiquitous “bar on wheels” roaming the streets of Adelaide? If you’ve always been envious to hop on it, then it’s time to join the fun. Meet The HandleBar’s General Manager Thomas Watson (29) as he shares the story behind this unique roving pub.

Hey Paolo: When was the business established?

March 2016

Hey Paolo: What’s the inspiration and history behind The HandleBar?

The HandleBar was originally designed and created in Amsterdam by two brothers. The idea was to create a float that incorporated two of the most popular things in Amsterdam: beer and cycling. Since then, the bikes have been used in cities all around the world as tours for small groups of friends/families (16 seats) to celebrate birthdays, bucks/hens parties, or simple get-togethers! 

The owners of The HandleBar, Steve and Jason, jumped at the opportunity and they decided to start up a business and bring the bikes to Australia, with Adelaide being the first Australian state to approve the concept. 

Hey Paolo: What are some of your most memorable rides you’ve had so far?

Being featured on Travel Guides (9Now). Riding with a Chinese film crew. Doing a cops & robbers dress up themed-tour.

Hey Paolo: Name three of the most sellable drink items on your menu?

Vodka Lemon Lime, Canadian Club Dry, and Coopers Pale Ale.

Hey Paolo: What’s everyone’s most common favourite stopover?  

Gilbert Street Hotel: a great local pub with a variety of craft beer. It has a cool beer garden which has push bikes hanging on the walls.

Victoria Square: the centre of Adelaide. This is our most common stop for photos.

Gouger Street: the bustling street of Chinatown. There’s always something happening here.

Rundle Street: Now included in our new routes, we can travel along one of Adelaide’s busiest streets, Rundle, where there’s plenty of bars and restaurants around and it’s also a spot where our guests feel like celebrities the most.

Hey Paolo: How has South Australia’s wine & dine scene evolved in the last five (5) years?

It has definitely grown. Lots of little places and hidden gems that are popping up all over the city. 

Hey Paolo: What do you think makes Adelaide a fun state?

They gave HandleBar the green light to operate and it’s the first state/city in Australia to say yes to us . Adelaide seems to be the state that is more open to trying and testing new ideas which is great for new businesses. 

Hey Paolo: Dream group of celebrities/personalities to host on The HandleBar?

All the (viral) characters from the social media page Shit Adelaide: Foxy,  Johnny K from St. Bernards Fruit and Veg, Bev “that’s a basket holder,” Goodwood Road’s most solid unit, Johnny Haysman, Digiman, ”slutssss” chick, Pablo, Rundle Mall’s most dapper gentleman Lionel, Bananaman, and Westfield’s inflatable Santa.

The HandleBar Adelaide. Website: https://handlebaradelaide.com.au/

Thoughts: “Been eyeing to organize a HandleBar trip while everyone’s dressed up in ‘Money Heist’ costume for weeks now. It will be an epic weekend for sure! Now, who wants to fill the other 15 seats with me?”


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