Hey Paolo Meets: Vlada Kazimirchuk of Lunch Bunch Edible Bouquets (Adelaide)

If you’re searching for premium gift items to buy not only for your loved ones but also as a personal treat for yourself, Lunch Bunch Edible Bouquets might be the perfect alternative shop for you. Whether you’re looking for chocolate bouquets, meat & cheese bouquets, veggie & fruit bouquets, and even protein balls bouquets, Lunch Bunch’s same-day delivery services has been setting the trend in Adelaide for beautiful and high quality edible arrangements.

Armed with an interior design background and an eye for style and details, owner Vlada Kazimirchuk brings these beautiful edible bouquets to life. Hey Paolo chatted with Vlada to know more about her business and the inspiration behind it.

Hey Paolo: What inspired you to create Lunch Bunch?

My daughter’s friend was celebrating her birthday last time and she wanted to give her friend a gift. As it was kind of a last minute thing, I told her to create something instead of buying. She started filling a box and a vase with sweets, marshmallows, apples, and chocolates on stick. After bringing the assembled gift to her friends, she phoned me to say: “mom, everyone’s asking where I got it from. You should start selling something like this.”

I started researching more about edible bouquets/arrangements and went online to gather inspiration. I started experimenting with things and I ended up having so much fun. With the help of my daughter, I started putting up photos of the edible arrangements I’ve created on Instagram and that was the start.

Hey Paolo: What are the most requested items in your edible arrangements?

Strawberries, doughnuts, and meat & cheese.

There are quite a few people who love healthy options too, like veggie bouquets and protein balls bouquets, which we also offer.

Hey Paolo: How much customisations can a client request in your edible arrangements?

Lunch Bunch has a custom bouquet option online. So you can say: “can I please have salami, doughnuts, strawberries, but don’t cover them in chocolates? Can I also have white roses and can this be inside a green box with a white ribbon?” We can do all of these.

Customized edible bouquets can be challenging as some items don’t work together. I have a particular eye when it comes to styling and I want my products to look beautiful. I will sometimes spend two hours to make things work, but if it doesn’t work, I have to pull it out.

Hey Paolo: How do you marry your background in interior design with edible arrangements?

Both work with visuals: shapes, forms, textures, colours, balance, and rhythm of objects. If you understand the style fundamentals, then you can do whatever. This is the core of creativeness. And I’ve learned it after studying and working in the industry for a very long time.

Hey Paolo: What is Lunch Bunch for you?

This is where my creativity opens and unfolds. It is my passion. I’m proud of what I create and what I give to others.

The time I spend on each order is tremendous. It’s all hand decorated. I take time to change or add something else. Whatever I make money-wise, I inject the money back to the business so I can buy the best: the best packaging & the best machines. I don’t mass produce and everything is unique and customised.

Hey Paolo: What kind of fulfilment do you get from running this business?

I love doing the deliveries myself. I love it when I knock on people’s door and they open, and I see them really surprised with my delivered items.

I also like adding extra touches of gold in my arrangements or covering the mandarin oranges in pink chocolate because I want it to look amazing. It’s not shown on my website and people don’t expect it from their orders. But when people get surprised and they appreciate these things I’ve added, it makes me feel good.

As an artist, we want to be appreciated. This is how I get appreciated through making something amazing. I get this amazing satisfaction when I make something “wow.” Money is not everything for me. This is what everyone needs: some kind of fulfillment.

LUNCH BUNCH EDIBLE BOUQUETS. Address: 111 Glen Osmond Rd, Eastwood, South Australia. Website: https://lunchbunch.com.au/.

Hey Paolo with Lunch Bunch’s Edible Bouquet

Thoughts: “This edible bouquet from Lunch Bunch definitely shouts quality and luxury. I love how Vlada arranges everything beautifully — from the packaging to the colours, styling, and even the interesting mix of marshmallows, chocolates, and donuts. “

– Hey Paolo

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