#YourThoughts: Arts & Music Festivals in South Australia

#YourThoughts: We ASK. We LISTEN. We LEARN.

Guest: DR. WILLIAM PETERSON, Associate Professor at Flinders University (Researcher and Professor teaching Drama). Ph.D., Dramatic Arts, University of Texas at Austin. M.A., Dramatic Arts, San Diego University.


“These festivals are incredibly powerful. If you go to these festivals, you can’t wait till the next year for them to experience it again.

What I guess I would like to see more of is the kind of experience we have at festival time happening in places throughout the year.

The issue isn’t that we need fewer festivals. Because festivals fulfill a particular need: they bring us great joy and happiness, and they’re well-spaced through the year (for the major ones). But it’s really more of how can we create the conditions under which the people who can create particularly new innovative work and present it any time of the year or at non-festival times and still have that experience of community and coming together.”

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