Hey Paolo Meets: Fitness Trainer Jesse Curkpatrick

Some might argue that there seems to be a surplus of personal trainers in a heavily contested fitness marketplace such as Adelaide. But for Goodlife Health Clubs Cross Roads personal trainer Jesse Curkpatrick, one must discover his/her fitness niche as a training coach in order to survive in such a cutthroat industry.

Hey Paolo: What inspired you to become a personal trainer?

I like being active overall. When I was growing up, I have always loved playing sports (football) and training in the gym. Although I was a little bit chubby when I was younger, I came to a point where I became more conscious of how my body looked. Hence I started going to the gym.

In my early twenties, I moved and lived in Toronto, Canada as part of the missionary work I was doing for a church. After quitting my church work, I’ve decided to come back to Adelaide and that was also the time when I didn’t really know what I should pursue as a new profession. I’ve realized that since I personally love working out, I should try becoming a gym trainer instead. It has been three years now since then and I’m still enjoying my newfound career.

Hey Paolo: Other trainings offered as a fitness coach…

I’m also part of an organisation called FMA Strength Institute as one of their coaches who train other personal trainers and fitness entrepreneurs with their business goals (such as setting up gyms, etc). It’s a great opportunity to coach others in the industry as well.

Hey Paolo: What are your main challenges as a personal trainer?

The biggest challenge is how I can encourage people to spend and make a full commitment on health and fitness. You really have to do networking, to talk to people, and to find out what they really need before you can sign them as clients.

Hey Paolo: What’s your workout routine like?

At present, I do more upper-lower workout splits. Mondays/Thursdays, I try to do lower body exercises while Tuesdays /Fridays are for upper body workouts. Wednesdays, I do sprints and body conditioning excercises. Weekends, I try to run or do some light workouts. My personal goal is not really to have a shredded body but to become healthy, strong, and active instead.

Hey Paolo: What’s your typical diet like?

I’m following a “fattier” diet at present. For breakfasts, I try to have some eggs, fruits, and some meat. For lunches, I’ll have chicken thighs/steak, rice, and a bunch of veggies. My dinners are usually something light. I keep my food mix pretty basic. I’m more focused on how certain food affects my body (such as bloating) and how I can make healthier food choices.

Hey Paolo: What are the usual fitness goals of your clients?

A lot of them wants to lose weight. Fat loss is usually of one of their biggest goals. But for some, they also want to move better and be generally healthy. While for a few others, they get personal trainers to avoid injuries or they want to work around their present injuries.

Hey Paolo: Do you think there’s an overabundance of personal trainers in South Australia?

There is, but every other trainer has something unique to offer. As a client, you just have to find the right fit.

Hey Paolo: What’s your ultimate general goal for your clients?

I want my clients to chase after performance. I want them to be healthy, happy, and strong.

Hey Paolo: Recommendations for…

Brunch: I love Nature’s Providore (88 Duthy Street, Malvern). Their owners are really friendly. Aside from having great coffee, their scrambled eggs are amazing.

Dinner: My partner and I love the pizzas at Mamma Carmela Cafe and Pizzeria (4 Jetty Road, Glenelg).

Hangout Spot: I like Henley as it’s a really cool area.

Thoughts: “Aside from finding a personal trainer who understands your fitness goals and personal needs, I also believe that it’s important to find someone who can motivate and inspire you as a person.”

– Hey Paolo

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