Hey Paolo on Australian Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow

So delighted to see that my little blog site HeyPaolo.com (Blogging About Adelaide, South Australia) has been listed as one of the Australian Lifestyle Bloggers to Follow on Feedspot.

I only started my page last year, September 2019, and the slow but progressive growth and massive support I receive from friends day by day has been extra phenomenal. It was mostly an awkward beginning as I struggled with creating content, finding my voice, and understanding my personal branding. It took a lot of positive criticisms from my dear friends before I knocked my head and came to my senses.

I’m a blogger who will continue to spark conversations with people I meet here in Adelaide, South Australia. I’ll ask them tons and tons of questions (it can be serious or it can be trivial) with the objective of creating insightful dialogues for me to learn more about them, their stories, and their life learnings.

If you wish to see the other bloggers on the list, here’s the link: https://blog.feedspot.com/australian_lifestyle_bloggers/ 

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