#YourThoughts: Social Media and its Effect on Productivity

Guest: Austin Lovell (@austin.lovell). Video Creator, Marketer & Entrepreneur. Passionate about topics relating to #PEAKPERFORMANCE.

EXCERPTS: “I think a lot of issues relating to productivity, getting more done each day, happiness, and stress (among people), all stem from the usage of their phones.

If you put your phone down for a day and don’t check social media, (you’ll see) the crazy effects and changes on your mood, focus, and productivity.

I think people assume that they’ll become irrelevant online if they aren’t on social media all the time. The truth is, you can be away from it. You can take some time away and refocus. You’ll notice that it wasn’t as important as you thought it was.

For me, I really try and limit my time spent on social media. And when I’m on it, I’m intentional how I use it.”

Want to learn more about Peak Performance? Check out Austin’s YOUTUBE page (@ Austin Lovell) and download his free ebook at http://www.beultramind.com/book.

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