Hey Paolo Meets: “Peak Performance” Advocate Austin Lovell

Knowing your purpose and setting personal goals might be the obvious pillars of “Peak Performance,” but for 19-year-old marketer, video creator, entrepreneur, and Peak Performance advocate Austin Lovell, the real challenge is applying these learnings consistently and conscientiously in your every day life.

Hey Paolo: What inspired you to become to a “Peak Performance” advocate on social media? 

I genuinely enjoy helping people eliminate distractions, unlock more energy, and skyrocket their outputs and results through the content I share and the insights that I provide. Everything I talk about comes from my own experiences. I live and breathe peak performance every day.

I always push myself to try new things and to attain more in my work, relationships, and life in general. And it comes naturally to help others practice what I have already been doing.

Hey Paolo: Do you think millennials think more maturely now as compared to the previous generations when they were about your age?

I think times are very different now and the problems young people face are quite different from past generations.

I believe we are in a world that rewards “smart work.” We reward people who approach their life, health, and work methodically and purposefully. We reward people who have the drive to push themselves. I think previous generations value pure hard work more. I’m not saying that hard work is no longer valued at present, but people get rewarded more so now for bringing both“smart work” (influenced by productivity systems, environment optimisation, health optimisation, etc.) and “hard work” (day-in and day-out consistency, pushing yourself physically & mentally, high levels of drive, etc.) together. The fusion of both is powerful.

Hey Paolo: What is “peak performance”?

Have you seen the movie “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper? That’s what peak performance is about: being limitless.

Peak performance is about operating at your very best in whatever you do. It is where your work seems effortless; you have mental clarity; you are alert and focused. For peak performers, no task is too difficult and no challenge is insurmountable. By showing people how to rewire their minds, upgrade their health, and skyrocket their productivity, I give my students the opportunity to become limitless and get the best out of themselves each day.

Hey Paolo: How do you generally achieve peak performance:

At the office:

Build a strong work environment. I think of it as a game of “snakes and ladders.” The snakes are the negative objects in your environment: those that pull you away from your goals and those that distract and push you off track. The ladders are the positive objects: the items that bring you joy, those that push you closer to your goals, and those that help you make the right decisions. By removing the snakes in your environment, you become a step closer to achieving your best.

Simple things can also be done such as: having your phone on airplane mode for most of the day; keeping it stored in another room while you work; using the Focus App to block certain websites on your laptop especially during work hours; and using simple applications like FB Feed Eradicator and ImprovedTube to eliminate the urge to use social media.

All of these can do incredible things for your focus and work output.

At school:

I see a lot of people struggle with “clarity” at school (i.e. why they were doing what they were doing and knowing what the end goal was).

For students who knew what they wanted (e.g. what to take up in university, job/vocation to pursue, where they wanted to go in their professional lives), they usually generally perform so much better in school.

I show people how to gain greater clarity by identifying their “Polaris Star” — their true north, their end goal, and the things they wish to achieve above all else. I help to structure their year/quarter/month/week/each day to move closer to their end goals.

Clarity is essential and it’s a non-negotiable. If I could give anyone a gift, it would be the gift of clarity.

At home:

When I think of peak performance at home, I think of the concept of “presence.”

I respect people who put tremendous amounts of energy and brainpower towards their work while they are working, and when work is finished for the day, they become fully present for their families, friends, and loved ones.

When you can break the constant push and pull of daily work in your life and you give your mind and body the time it needs to relax and refresh, while enjoying some quality time with your loved ones, then you will be able to perform at such a higher level in all other aspects of your life.

With your fitness and financial goals:

It all comes back again to “clarity.” You can have all the best productivity systems in the world, the most rock-solid mindset and health protocols, a good consistent sleep, excellent focus, but if you don’t have the clarity on your goals, then there’s no point.

When it comes to fitness, my goal is to increase mental clarity through exercise. I’m not trying to be Mr. Olympia, and I know that. I structure my fitness programs, nutrition and the way I approach my health accordingly.

When it comes to financial goals, peak performance is the means to reach and exceed your set goals. It’s the vehicle that will accelerate your growth as a person like nothing else.

Hey Paolo: What do you think distract people the most from achieving their peak performance?

Bad habits. Everyone has bad habits. I have them and everyone does. The challenge is how to change them. Not many people are willing to really improve themselves. That’s why for those who are willing to change their bad habits, they achieve incredible things because they were willing to push themselves to be better.

As for other distractions, for some, it could be social media, a diet they’re following that doesn’t give them the energy to focus each day, or even work with a “snakes and ladders” type of environment.

Peak performance is about overcoming all these distractions and being your best every day.

Hey Paolo: Your recommendations in South Australia for…

A good place where you can reflect and achieve peace & quiet:

Running, biking, or even just walking in the city. Having time for myself reenergises me and it allows me to reflect and refocus.

Best spot that makes you feel most creative and energised:

Adelaide CBD. I love the city and it’s the place I call home. The buzz and energy of the city makes me feel most creative and energised.

Dining area you love the most: 

I love Rundle Street and Adelaide’s East End. These ones show Adelaide’s true style and vibe. 

Check out Austin Lovell‘s social media pages:

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Instagram: @austin.lovell

Thoughts: “In a world where there’s tons of distractions bombarding us every single day, it’s really important to set goals and timelines in order for us to complete certain tasks with a sense of joy, peace, and fulfilment. I personally use a simple whiteboard and marker writing my daily goals and I try to tick off each item one by one. It helps me prioritise the task I need to finish first.”

– Hey Paolo

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