ROCKIN’ UP WITH THE ROCCAS — More than the fight for legal rights, acceptance, and equality, marriage for David Rocca (34; videographer/content creator ) and Adam Rocca (26; real estate agent) is nothing but a celebration of union and love.  Hey Paolo: What were your individual “coming out” stories like? David: I was a late […]

  #ChooseYourCharacter: Australian States Edition WAIT TILL THE END 🤣 Model: @zachary.steele13 If you could choose your preferred video game character based on these various #AustralianStates ~ who would you choose? The preppy South Australian? #southaustralia The cosmopolitan guy from #NewSouthWales? The tropical lad from #NorthernTerritory? The beach hunk from #Queensland? The chill Tassy dude? #Tasmania The serious bloke from ACT? #AustralianCapitalTerritory Or […]

Guest: Juan Paolo Legaspi, President of 5EBI 103.1 FM in Australia (@jp.mabuhay) Excerpts: “No, absolutely not. And it’s outrageous and offensive for you to insist on that line of questioning. I think radio is not dead. It is truly well and alive… Radio can take many different forms now. I like listening to podcasts for […]