Private Conversation with William Gargula

Clothes might arguably make the man — but practically speaking, stripping off any possible facades also make the man true and authentic.

Chatted with fitness trainer, adult entertainer, and one of Adelaide’s very own Magic Mike, William Gargula, 25, about the misconceptions and ins-and-outs of this tempting and rousing adult entertainment industry.  

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Hey Paolo: What motivated you to become an adult entertainer?

My ex-girlfriend and I were approached late last year by a few people from PONY to try working in this line of profession. I eventually pushed through and started working for them.

I like meeting people, talking to everyone, and making different kinds of connections — and I get that in this line of work.

For me to grow as a person, I want to put my “eggs in different baskets.” I am a personal trainer during the day and this is my side hustle.

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Hey Paolo: Have you had initial hesitations entering this profession?

My only anxiety at first was taking your clothes off in front of people and the intimacy part that goes with it. Making love for me is a very intimate process. At first, I didn’t feel comfortable doing it. However, I really do enjoy dancing and entertaining too. I have always been confident and comfortable with my body and myself.

Hey Paolo: Aside from having female audiences, do you get male patrons too?

I actually don’t mind performing in front of anyone regardless of their gender. I don’t care if the person’s a guy or a girl. I actually care more about my performance on stage and how I can feel comfortable during my private/one-on-one dances.

I’m 100% always there to entertain anyone regardless of their gender, age, or looks.

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Hey Paolo: What was your most memorable performance so far?

It was probably my first ever show as I was extremely nervous then. Someone told me before that performance: “If you screw up, no one’s going to notice that you actually screwed up. No one has seen your routine before anyway.” That night, it actually went okay — it was fun and memorable.

Hey Paolo: Most challenging?

My first one-on-one lap dance with a male was my most challenging, only because I’ve never done something like this before. It was a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I’ve done a few hen parties too where I felt a little bit uncomfortable. But once you hear the clapping and the cheering from the audience, then you slowly start feeling more and more comfortable.

Once I start feeling uncomfortable, I tell my clients to stop. I have to always think that I’m in control and that I’m on the seat of power. 

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Hey Paolo: Kinkiest?

At one of the hen’s I was invited to, I decided to do something different in my usual routine. While dancing, I decided to be sandwiched by the bride and her mum. I was facing the bride while her mum was facing my backside. I reckon the mother really loved it more than the bride herself.

Hey Paolo: How far do you go when you’re doing your performances?

For one-on-one lap dances, you can be completely nude as long as you feel comfortable with it.

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Hey Paolo: Are you allowed to kiss anyone during a performance?

I’ve never had, but you probably can.

Hey Paolo: Do you separate your professional from your private life?

I try to separate them all the time. I can’t marry the two together. Some of my clients know that I am also an adult entertainer, and if they’re interested to hear more about it, then I’m happy to share my stories too.

Hey Paolo: What do you think is the greatest misconception about strippers?

Strippers are typically boxed as “slutty” people. But honestly, none of my friends who work as adult entertainers too has ever tried sleeping with any of their clients. It is nothing but a job and it’s purely for entertainment. We want people to pay us money for another lap dance and to also keep coming back for more shows.

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Hey Paolo: Do you have a signature dance that your patrons enjoy the most?

I don’t even know what you call it — it’s probably like a dolphin dive and body roll.

Hey Paolo: How do you physically take care of yourself?

I have been a fitness aficionado my entire life (which is also the reason why I am a gym trainer too). Being athletic my entire life, I’ve had no problems about gaining too much weight. I’ve always been on the slimmer side, thanks to my parents’ genes. I love exercising 5x-6x a week, or sometimes even more. I also consider food as my “best friend.” I love cooking my own food that’s healthy, tasty, and enjoyable.

Hey Paolo: How do you motivate yourself before a show?

I get really nervous before any show. I try to concentrate and listen to a few songs on my playlist. I practice a few moves too before the performance. Before you know it, I’m already fully switched on.

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Hey Paolo: Have you ever felt really steamy and attracted to any of your clients while performing?

I did a lap dance and head massage for a one-on-one client. This person was super attractive and I was very much into her. I had to step back a little bit and concentrate on what I was there to do and not what I wanted to do. She was very keen on playing with me as well. After the routine, we chatted a little bit, exchanged Instagram accounts, but nothing really happened after that.

If I have a connection with someone, I want it to be organic and not really forced.

Hey Paolo: Have you met a client that has turned into a friend/date?

I’ve met a few of them where I’m like, “oh my god, they’re really gorgeous.” I would love to “entertain” them again anytime, but I haven’t gone as far as dating anyone.

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Hey Paolo: Where would you typically see William…

In the morning: You’ll see me working as a personal trainer in the gym.

In the afternoon: Depending on the day, I try to have personal time too whether it’s getting more sleep, watching Youtube videos, or catching up with my family and friends.

Weeknight: Definitely at home while cooking my own food. I absolutely love being in the kitchen.

Weekend: Out hanging with my friends, at a party, or catching up with people.

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Hey Paolo: Your recommendations for a good night out in Adelaide?

I would definitely recommend you to visit Pony. If you’re looking at holding private events, you can also contact and book through Man Netic Entertainment. We have an amazing group of sexy guys who are friendly, welcoming and are more than ready to entertain you.

INSTAGRAM: @billsongargula

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