Join Carla Ejarque’s Wine & Ceramics Workshop On 04 June

Have you ever fancied doing a ceramic making workshop in Adelaide? Learn the art of pottery from architect and ceramist Carla Ejarque in her upcoming “Wine and Ceramics Workshopon 04 June 2021 at the Summertown Studio.

Hey Paolo: How did you learn your skill in pottery? 

I discovered pottery during my Erasmus student exchange programme in Budapest. I started in a very little studio and I fell in love with every aspect of it. After finishing my Erasmus, I decided I wanted to learn more about the art of pottery and so I started a bachelor’s degree in artistic ceramics in Barcelona while I was also finishing my last year in architecture. Since then, I’ve attended more workshops in different studios and with different teachers. After which, I just spent many hours on the wheel on my own while researching for special glazes which I can use such as the lava glaze.

Hey Paolo: What inspired you to start this hobby? 

After spending so many hours in front of a computer in the past, I thought I needed to use my hands more. After a few months of pottery, I realised that I didn’t want it to be just a hobby, but also as a job. I really enjoyed studying architecture but I was missing the creativity that I didn’t get during my first fews jobs. I really wanted to make something with my hands. The more I learn about pottery, the more I wanted to dedicate my full self to it. Over the years, I have combined pottery with teaching. Since I moved to Australia, this has already become my full-time job: teaching regular classes, workshops, participating in markets, and designing bespoke tableware for restaurants.

Hey Paolo: What can people learn if they attend your workshop? 

In my handbuilding workshops, I teach three different handmade techniques: pinching, slab building, and coiling. Using one of these techniques or a combination of them, participants will be able to make any design or shape they want. At the same time, they will enjoy creating something from scratch with their own hands and they will be able to connect with the material. 

To attend Carla’s upcoming workshop, book through her website:

Who can come? Anybody! Anyone that is interested in learning the basic hand building techniques and who is up to have fun. 

Price: AU$95 dollars

​• Where? Summertown Studio, 13 Paringa Ave, Somerton Park SA 5044, Adelaide

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