Learning a New Skill at WEA – Adult Learning

Growing up, my mum taught me to never stop learning — maybe that’s also part of reason why I approach life with so much gusto! After all, life never stops teaching, so why should we stop learning?

Months back, WEA- Adult Learning South Australia reached out to see if I’ll be keen to enroll in one of their short courses. Although I may be time-poor at times, “discovering and learning new things” is something I ALWAYS HAVE to make room for. In life, opportunities to upskill one’s self don’t necessarily come often, so whenever they come knocking on your doors we gotta catch ’em all.

WEA (wea-sa.com.au/subjects) offers the most extensive options for skill-building. They range from creative arts, food & beverages, health/home/lifestyle, IT/business/training, to languages and culture. They have so many classes to choose from depending on your requirements and interests.

Despite knowing some basic knowledge about Adobe Photoshop, I decided to enrol myself in the five-week Adobe Illustrator course. Graphic design is probably one of the key marketing areas that I need to step up my game in. Found myself learning heaps of new things after attending their face-to-face classes.

DID YOU KNOW: WEA South Australia was founded in Adelaide since 1913? They are also SA’s largest non-government adult community education organisation. They’ve been operating for many years now and have helped thousands of graduates through their classes.

If you wish to look at their most popular course, they are:

  • Potter for Beginners
  • Groom and Trim Your Dog
  • Delicious Dumplings
  • Beekeeping for Beginners
  • Art Sampler
  • French for Fun and Travel
  • Know Your Wine
  • Subdividing Land and Property Development
  • Create a Website with WordPress
  • Millennials and Money

Now’s your time to upskill and learn a new life tricks!

Visit WEA South Australia to learn more about their various class offerings. wea-sa.com.au. T: 08 8223 1979. 223 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000.

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