Meet South Australia’s Leading Online Butcher: Meat At The Mount

Ten or 15 years ago, ordering fresh meat online was atypical — it wasn’t even a thing back then! But gone are the days when the only option we have is for people to purchase their meat from a physical market. Things have evolved now. We now live in a world where ordering food is, literally, at our fingertips —click and you shall receive!

Here in Australia, an online butcher business has been leading the way in providing innovative and quality products to South Australian families: Meat at the Mount.

With a brand promise of delivering the freshest and highest quality meat and ingredients straight to your doorstep, Meat at the Mount attracts a new exciting South Aussie demographic: the efficient, practical, and time-savvy grocery shoppers.

Sample list of Meat at the Mount products:

What I love about Meat at the Mount is their very dynamic website. They present their products so well, I am enticed to endlessly scroll and just “add to cart” every single item. Well, that’s also me: a compulsive buyer. Hey, I’m attracted to good visuals, okay!

You can place their products side-by-side the same items from your local supermarket and you’ll be surprised that they’re very much comparable in terms of prices too.

Meat at the Mount offers a variety of food items ranging from pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fish & seafood, and sausages. They also offer an impressive array of creative box options such as the Adelady-inspired Box, Best of Meat at the Mount, Homemaker Essential Box, and the Gym Meal Prep Box. Head to their website to get lunch or dinner inspirations via their Recipe and Guide sections.

What’s the best way to enjoy your box? Invite your friends for a BBQ party! Here’s the box I have received from Meat at the Mount.

To learn more about Meat at the Mount, visit their website at:

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