Miti Miti: The Art of Making Adelaide’s Artisan Empanadas

One may argue where empanadas really originated from. Some say these started from the Spanish cocinas, while others believe that they were from the Portuguese. But one thing’s for sure — South Americans are known to make the best ones, much better than their counterparts.


Husband and wife Francisco Castro Aguirre (from Argentina) and Melissa Henao Flore (from Colombia), aka “Adelaide’s Father and Mother of Latin Empanadas,” moved to South Australia over a few years ago to build a married life outside their own home countries.

Little did they know that a few years later, they will be preaching their culinary roots and empanada gospel to an entire new flock.

In 2020, this duo entered the Adelaide foodie scene not with a chef’s hat or an extensive culinary background, but purely backed by creativity, passion and imagination. With an entrepreneurial mindset, they started analysing what’s lacking in the South Australian market by being true to their South American core.

Miti Miti, which means “half and half” in colloquial Spanish, is an ode to their personal migrant journeys. And their empanadas are products of these triumphant representations: living in both worlds; here and there.

And what makes these empanadas so unique? Empanadas are traditionally savoury, but Miti Miti added flavours from around the world in the same old pies to give a new fresh twist.

Handcrafted and freshly baked, these hand-sized pies come in an array of colours and a myriad of delicious flavours: mushroom, pulled pork, caprese, chicken chipotle, apple crumble, dulce de leche, beef, among others.

You can order your boxes of Miti Miti empanadas via their Instagram page @mitimitiaustralia. Alternatively, you can also meet Melissa and Francisco at one of Adelaide’s upcoming food markets.

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