Epoy Tejada


Most Challenging Moments:

I have struggled with my mental health since childhood—living in a toxic environment as well as feeling like an outsider when I first came to Australia. After that, I encountered many traumatic moments in my life that shaped the way my mental health is now as an adult.


I have learned a lot through battling with my own demons. I approach life with my headstrong and absolute no-fucks-given attitude to situations that don’t need energy. It keeps me humble and apathetic. I have learned to live with my depression in a way that it has become my own superpower. Yes, it is a constant battle, but it has shaped me to become the person that I am today.

Daily Self-Care:

I take time outs for myself which includes getting a coffee, going for hikes, or immersing myself in old-school RnB music. It’s my form of meditation and self-reflection.

Message To Younger Self:

Don’t be scared to ask for help. There are outlets and people who can help. You’re not alone.

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