Coby Charters

coby charters

Social Worker.

Most Challenging Moment:

I have experienced episodes of anxiety, panic, and depression that I have learned to recognise and respond to over time. My first experience with anxiety started at around age 7, and I didn’t understand what I was feeling then. But honestly, all of these have been challenging.


I have learned that it does always pass and it doesn’t last forever. There are things I need to do to help myself. I have learned who I can talk to and what makes me feel better, and likewise, what makes me feel worse. I believe this is important to learn.

Daily Self-Care:

At the moment my daily self-care is terrible, as I have a toddler, a demanding job, and limited access to family members in town who can help. But in the past, meditation and exercise have been essential parts of my daily self-care.

Message To Younger Self:

Experience really has been my greatest teacher, but I would tell myself that if you can learn to love yourself, you will save yourself a lot from struggle.

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