My name is PAOLO —
and I'm here to tell stories

  • Account lead for the publicity and media launch of Coca-Cola Zero (Philippines)
  • Finalist - Best International Plan of the Year (The Singapore Advertising Hall of Fame Awards) for Sony Electronics - Handycam
  • Social Media Community Award for (co-founder) by Gawad Sulo Singapore
  • General Manager (Sales & Marketing) of DestinAsian Media (award-winning luxury travel magazine)
  • Founded
  • Established Spark Community (non-profit organisation) to support Filipino entrepreneurs in Australia

Hey, how’s it going? Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Paolo and I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. I spent majority of my twenties and first few years of my thirties in the busy city-state of Singapore.

After over a decade in Singapore, I felt I needed some dramatic change in my life. Adelaide was never my first choice, but it kind of accidentally fell into my lap.

I hear living in South Australia is an acquired taste. I never fully understood it at first, until I’ve personally experienced moving here. Coming from a bustling Asian city, Adelaide was initially too laid-back, too quiet, and too uneventful for me. It became a challenge for me then to discover places where I can be myself and actually have fun.

I’ve created this blog to initially reach out to people who are new to South Australia and to share my experiences in this beautiful state.

With the revamped website (Dec 2022), I envision to use this platform to share stories and conversations about everyone’s mental health journeys.

Everyone’s going through somethingI have encountered a lot of lows this year too (2022). We shouldn’t think that we are alone in this journey.

By sharing these individual stories, I am hoping to inspire and spark hope to everyone who are battling their own demons, and that we can learn from other people. 

Check out these organisations for those who need support and help:

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