McLaren Vale’s Newest Gem: Heidrun Estate, Home to Rohan Family Wines

A new cellar door, Heidrun Estate, opened its doors in the world-renowned McLaren Vale wine region and it promises to take its patrons to a first-class epicurean journey.

Home to the award-winning Rohan Family wines, Heidrun Estate finally opened its doors last 12 September 2021. With a beautiful cottage-inspired winery cellar, their venue does not only offer wine tastings, but also curated lunches prepared by Chef Billy Petropoulos of Billy’s Table.

Highlight: Sipping a glass of the Rohan Family sauvignon blanc while sitting inside the Heidrun birdcage, enjoying the cool spring breeze and the smell of the fresh lavender garden, and adoring the picturesque vineyard views.

What I enjoyed most about their cellar door is that there’s so much space to move around: you can sit on the swing, on the grass, or in one of the picnic tables.

Chef Billy’s food is amazing as always. I wonder if he’ll be servicing his fantastic pizzas too at Heidrun? The vibrant colours he uses in his food matches the overall vibe of Heidrun Estate: fun, friendly, and homey. I can’t wait to go back and bring my friends!

Their trading hours are as follows: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 11:00am to 5:00pm. Address: 67 Kays Road McLaren Vale SA 5171.

Meet South Australia’s Leading Online Butcher: Meat At The Mount

Ten or 15 years ago, ordering fresh meat online was atypical — it wasn’t even a thing back then! But gone are the days when the only option we have is for people to purchase their meat from a physical market. Things have evolved now. We now live in a world where ordering food is, literally, at our fingertips —click and you shall receive!

Here in Australia, an online butcher business has been leading the way in providing innovative and quality products to South Australian families: Meat at the Mount.

With a brand promise of delivering the freshest and highest quality meat and ingredients straight to your doorstep, Meat at the Mount attracts a new exciting South Aussie demographic: the efficient, practical, and time-savvy grocery shoppers.

Sample list of Meat at the Mount products:

What I love about Meat at the Mount is their very dynamic website. They present their products so well, I am enticed to endlessly scroll and just “add to cart” every single item. Well, that’s also me: a compulsive buyer. Hey, I’m attracted to good visuals, okay!

You can place their products side-by-side the same items from your local supermarket and you’ll be surprised that they’re very much comparable in terms of prices too.

Meat at the Mount offers a variety of food items ranging from pork, beef, chicken, lamb, fish & seafood, and sausages. They also offer an impressive array of creative box options such as the Adelady-inspired Box, Best of Meat at the Mount, Homemaker Essential Box, and the Gym Meal Prep Box. Head to their website to get lunch or dinner inspirations via their Recipe and Guide sections.

What’s the best way to enjoy your box? Invite your friends for a BBQ party! Here’s the box I have received from Meat at the Mount.

To learn more about Meat at the Mount, visit their website at:

Learning a New Skill at WEA – Adult Learning

Growing up, my mum taught me to never stop learning — maybe that’s also part of reason why I approach life with so much gusto! After all, life never stops teaching, so why should we stop learning?

Months back, WEA- Adult Learning South Australia reached out to see if I’ll be keen to enroll in one of their short courses. Although I may be time-poor at times, “discovering and learning new things” is something I ALWAYS HAVE to make room for. In life, opportunities to upskill one’s self don’t necessarily come often, so whenever they come knocking on your doors we gotta catch ’em all.

WEA ( offers the most extensive options for skill-building. They range from creative arts, food & beverages, health/home/lifestyle, IT/business/training, to languages and culture. They have so many classes to choose from depending on your requirements and interests.

Despite knowing some basic knowledge about Adobe Photoshop, I decided to enrol myself in the five-week Adobe Illustrator course. Graphic design is probably one of the key marketing areas that I need to step up my game in. Found myself learning heaps of new things after attending their face-to-face classes.

DID YOU KNOW: WEA South Australia was founded in Adelaide since 1913? They are also SA’s largest non-government adult community education organisation. They’ve been operating for many years now and have helped thousands of graduates through their classes.

If you wish to look at their most popular course, they are:

  • Potter for Beginners
  • Groom and Trim Your Dog
  • Delicious Dumplings
  • Beekeeping for Beginners
  • Art Sampler
  • French for Fun and Travel
  • Know Your Wine
  • Subdividing Land and Property Development
  • Create a Website with WordPress
  • Millennials and Money

Now’s your time to upskill and learn a new life tricks!

Visit WEA South Australia to learn more about their various class offerings. T: 08 8223 1979. 223 Angas Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000.

Mimada: Filipino Pastries in Adelaide

What started merely as a hobby during the pandemic for both Mimi and Irma, Mimada has now quickly evolved into a sought-after Filipino pastry brand here in South Australia. And true to its Spanish meaning, Mimada is here to spoil everyone with Filo sweetness and goodness.

Story posted on behalf of Spark Community — empowering Filipino entrepreneurs in Adelaide, South Australia.

Hey Paolo: When did you start your business?

We first started in 2020 during the lockdown. Along with the rest of the world during the pandemic, we got bored at home. We started baking and sharing our goodies to our friends — and to our delight, they loved it! We started posting our treats on social media and the interest grew significantly. All of a sudden, friends of friends, and even strangers, want to try our ensaymadas.

Hey Paolo: What are the products that you currently offer?

We offer: seven varieties of ensaymadas, a cheeseroll, and gourmet bibingkas in three flavours (only available during special occasions).

Hey Paolo: What inspired you to start Mimada?

We are inspired by the wonderful feedback that we get from our amazing customers. This makes us more motivated to create more products and to offer more variety. We are amazed at the lengths our customers would go through, just to satisfy their Mimada cravings!

We have regular and repeat customers who travel all the way from Murray Bridge, Kangaroo Island, Port Lincoln & Victor Harbour, and even from interstate just to order a box of ensaymadas. It’s inspiring to see how a simple lockdown hobby can grow into something that can bring joy and happy tummies to our kababayans and even to non-Filipinos too.

Hey Paolo: What were the challenges you’ve encountered while starting your business?

Primarily, time. When we started Mimada, we both had full-time jobs and we can only bake during our day offs. And as the demand continue to grow, we can only accept limited orders based on what we can physically accommodate.

We are also challenged by resources. As this started just a hobby, we had very limited resources and equipment. Our home oven can only accommodate limited baking pans at a time which restricted our ability to bake as much as we wanted. Creating our ensaymadas from start to finish requires seven-eight hours. We eventually decided it was vital to source additional equipment and tools to increase efficiency. Each Mimada piece is still handcrafted individually as we want to ensure consistency in the quality of our product.

Hey Paolo: What’s one business tip you can share to fellow entrepreneurs here in South Australia?  

Starting a business comes with uncertainty. You need to have a positive mindset that will keep you focused. Build your online presence through social media. Think of it as free marketing (Facebook & Instagram), and later on, decide what’s best for your brand. It is important to build your credibility, reputation and brand, and you can do this by having a presence in social media.

Hey Paolo: What makes Filipino entrepreneurs exceptional in business?

We are extremely hardworking and driven.

Hey Paolo: How can people purchase your products?

We have a multitude of resellers that believe in our products, so you can satisfy your Mimada cravings from anywhere in Adelaide. You can also contact us directly on 0415 355 885 or via Instagram & Facebook messenger to place your orders.

Rosewater Hotel’s Pizza Junkie Specials

Celebrate Father’s Day (or any other day, really!) with pizzas at Rosewater Hotel.

Growing up, pizzas have always meant reunions and celebrations with family and friends.

Pizzas are meant to be shared and not eaten alone. It’s meant to be sliced and everyone gets a piece. Agree? Say amen.

Among those that I’ve tried at Rosewater Hotel, my personal fave is the Rosewater Special (Napolitana sauce, fior di latte, prosciutto crudo di parma, fresh buffalo mozzarella, and basil). The sauce was refreshing for such a savoury slice.

Talk about their pizza crust — the garlic pizza entree was already a league of its own! Mmm!

Mr Chu Brings Southeast Asia to South Australia

Discovering a Southeast Asian food haven in the posh and urban district of Norwood is almost like finding a golden pot at the end of a rainbow. Mr Chu is that eureka moment: yes, I’m having Southeast Asia in South Australia!

Having lived in Singapore for over a decade before migrating to Adelaide, I have had an amazing foodie experience of gaining easy access to an array of quality yet affordable Asian food. With neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, you get to taste the same dish in a different country, but cooked with a slightly different twist. Same-same but different.

Those days in Singapore, you just have to step out of your home, and within a hundred steps or less, an entire new world awaits you: a Disneyland-esque, culinary melting pot called hawker centres. Mind you, this is your gateway to laksas, mie gorengs, xiaolongbaos, briyanis, and every other good Asian food you can probably think of at less than 10 bucks per order.

Back here in Adelaide, I have always been hungry for Southeast Asia (deliberately using the word “Southeast Asia” as I miss the whole concept of being in and experiencing that region in general). That particular week, when I got invited by Mercy Me Marketing to attend Mr Chu’s launch of their winter menu, was no exception. It was a perfect timing to relinquish my nostalgia — and apparently, the best way to solve my personal issues: feed me, baby!

Owned and managed by Malaysian-born Chef Daniel Chu and business partners, Mr Chu serves a range of Southeast Asian fusion dishes primarily catered to the South Australian audience. Their menu boasts something for everyone: a breakfast menu with quintessential Aussie favourites such as the Bacon Benedict, a vegan offering such as the Chef’s Vegan Laksa, and a range of drinks perfect for any Asian food pairing.

With a big focus on Chef Daniel’s Malaysian heritage in the dishes, one may argue: are they serving something authentic? The answer is probably no, which I’m assuming they will confirm too. Mr Chu delivers more on the sweet side and a fun Aussie take on generally savoury Asian dishes.

But in this day and age, what is authentic heritage food anyway? Isn’t food supposed to evolve according to the wants and needs of the audience? I’m with Mr Chu and their fusion food. It’s hip, modern, and comforting.

My personal favourites were the stir fried chicken, seared scallops, and salmon sashimi. Majority in our table loved Mr Chu’s version of the rendang. Although it was indeed good, I’m personally much more critical with my rendangs as they’re my ultimate favourite. I judge the rendang based on the colour, curry & coconut aroma, and the tenderness of the meat. Just a big fan of rendangs, I get too critical at times — I suppose the same way Italians treat their pastas?

While in the middle of the table service, I whispered and shyly asked one of Mr Chu’s service team: “by any chance, do you have any teh (pulled tea)? ” When he said he’s happy to serve a few cups on the table, I squealed with delight. I haven’t had one for ages! Drinking traditional coffee and tea in Singapore/Malaysia after main meals is something quite typical. It was almost like our hobby.

Special thanks to Mr Chu and Mercy Me Marketing for the invitation. Will I come back? YES. Will I recommend Mr Chu to my friends? YAAAS!

Mr Chu Contemporary Eatery, 220 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067.

New Restaurant in Adelaide: The Pangaea Kitchen

Earlier this month, The Pangaea Kitchen opened its doors at 73 Muller Road, Hampstead Gardens to offer various well-known international dishes and comfort food from around the world to the discerning food enthusiasts here in Adelaide.

There’s something warm and cosy about The Pangaea. I’m guessing the wooden walls and earth tones in the interiors play a part, but I’m also placing my bigger bet on the very hospitable service and kitchen team. Unlike other restaurants I’ve been to, here, I easily felt at home. The restaurant was spacious and breezy, which is an ideal set-up for those catching up and hanging out with family and friends.

Their menu is extensive, you’ll never run out of choices: from healthy Greek salads to chicken tikka pizzas, nasi goreng with chicken satay, lamb shank kleftiko, to applewood smoked bbq glazed pork ribs, and many more. And as for their battle cry: they have everything for everyone!

Among the dishes I’ve tasted so far, my personal favourite is the mizo glazed smoked tofu with soba noodles. With its coconut broth, I found this dish extra refreshing.

Here’s a photo gallery of some of their dishes:

Follow The Pangaea Kitchen on Facebook and Instagram.

May is Australian Cocktail Month

Celebrate with us and enjoy a curated collection of cocktails this whole month of May with Australian Cocktail Month.

During this time of pandemic, the organisers behind the Australian Cocktail Month movement built an enticing campaign to help support local bars and business owners by encouraging everyone to cocktail hop.

By purchasing tickets at AU$20 plus GST per person in their website, you will be entitled to discounted cocktails at 72 bars across the whole of Australia (18 of which are located in Adelaide). When you rock up at any of the participating bars, you’ll get to enjoy these special cocktail menu at AU$14 each or AU$10 each for non-alcoholic options.

We ran an overnight Instagram competition to give away tickets to the Australian Cocktail Month and the winner is… Tallulah Seidel. Congratulations!

$38 Eat-All-You-Can Japanese Food At Nijumaru (Glenelg)

We have all been there: the constant stacking, the incessant counting, and the insurmountable tracking of the blue coloured sushi plates we’ve consumed in the last couple of hours versus the green, yellow, and orange ones. We all wish we can eat so much more, and yet we avoid the most premium ones in order to get the bang for the buck. But what if we tell you, you can dive straight into Jap oishi heaven with all-you-can-eat sashimis, salmon sushis, takoyakis, tempura prawns, karaage, and so much more for only AU$38, won’t you exclaim a big fat AAMEEENN?

This afternoon, we visited Nijumaru Japanese Restaurant at 20 Jetty Rd, Glenelg, and we probably found our new sushi go-to.

If you’re looking for value for money with good quality Japanese food, you should head down to Nijumaru Japanese Restaurant. Practical, excellent service, and value for money. What else are you looking for? Arigato me later.

Despite the potential risks involved in opening a new business during a pandemic, this new Japanese restaurant braved all odds and found a unique proposition to offer to conservative Adelaide: eat all you can sushi Japanese food for 90 minutes. It’s a concept that’s no longer novel, but is still trendy. And we’re loving it!

From their menu, I have several personal picks: Nasu Den Gaku (deep fried eggplant with sweet miso), the plate of Takoyaki, and for dessert, the Black Sesame Panna Cotta.

The owner, Sen, mentioned to us that the word “Nijumaru” in Japanese essentially means “excellent work.” After dining, I gave them my nijumaru too. I don’t think I’ll mind to pay that price again and again.

Event: How Pinoys Can Start A Business In The Midst Of A Pandemic

My friends and I recently started a nonprofit organisation, Spark Community, that aims to empower and inspire future entrepreneurs here in South Australia through forums, workshops, and events.



May business idea ka ba pero kailangan mo ng gabay? Wala ka pang pondo pero gusto mong mag-baka sakali at sumubok? Paano ba magsimula ng negosyo sa South Australia?

We would like to invite you to attend our FREE EVENT that aims to empower young and aspiring Filipino entrepreneurs in Adelaide, South Australia. Whether your capital is big or small, we are here to help you with business fundamentals and for you to gain practical knowledge and skills on how to start your own business.

Learn from other Filipino entrepreneurs and industry experts as they share their business success stories:

This event is supported by: