#BoringAdelaide: Koreena Comes Back For More South Australian Wine

Dear Aunt Vicky, let me tell you the story of my friend Koreena.

She left Adelaide for Melbourne 1 year ago in search of greener pastures. But she keeps coming back. 

Well firstly, because of the wines. Secondly, because of the wines. No, she’s not an alcoholic. Just a wine enthusiast. 

Visiting wineries is comparable to visiting museums. It’s an introduction to the arts — the art of being drunk. 

Here in South Australia, we’re not limited to just just your normal Shiraz or Sauvignon Blanc. You’ll be spoilt for choice: Cabarnet Franc, Montepulciano, Grenache, Graciano, Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Albarino, Fiano, Viognier, Riesling, Prosecco, and other wines I can’t even pronounce

Yes Aunt Vicky, we have limited choices here in #BoringAdelaide. 

Vlog #8: Coles – Guess The Price


Who do you think is better in guessing the prices of certain key essential grocery items such as a bag of garden salad, plain flour, sugar, eggs, kitchen towel, oyster blade steak, and a litre of Dettol Shower Gel?

Join this fun Spanish  couple, mi amigos, Gema and Victor, in this quirky guessing game using household items I bought last 16 May 2020 at Coles Supermarket Australia. 

Vlog #6: Guess The Names Of These International Snacks (Part 2)


I love feeding my friends. But before I indulge them, unfortunately, they need to do my Ultimate Foodie Challenge first.


They have to guess the names of the SNACKS I bought from various grocery shops in Adelaide, South Australia and they have to tell me the COUNTRIES where they originated from.


Well, they have to be blindfolded while eating these snacks.

Guess the snack name, you get 1 point. Guess the country you get another point.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDapMgUvl6U

NOTE: If you haven’t watched the first part yet, follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhyHE

Vlog #5: Can You Guess The Name Of These International Snacks? (Part 1) – All Available In Adelaide

Are you good at guessing the names of international snacks and determining where are they originally from, even with your eyes closed?

I recently challenged my foodie friends in Adelaide to test their knowledge and taste buds on various snacks (ranging from noodles to chips) that they might be unfamiliar with, but are apparently easily accessible and can be easily bought in shops here in Adelaide, South Australia.

Mo (from Lebanon), Marzieh (from Iran), and Joel (from Adelaide)

When it comes to unfamiliar food, how do you react to a strange dish in front of you? Do you easily get scared like Mo, or do you try it with gusto like Marzieh, or do you savour it and indulge on it like Joel?

Here’s Part 1 of this yummy video — featuring snacks from #Portugal, #SouthKorea, #USA, #Mexico, #SouthAfrica, #Turkey, #Thailand, and of course #Australia.

Vlog #4: Where To Find Asian Food in Adelaide

I brought my Spanish friend, Javier Jimenez Lerate (23 years old) to Chinatown in Adelaide to let him try Asian food (more specifically, Japanese food) for the very first time.

Javier is from Seville, Spain and is currently in Adelaide with a work visa.

In this vlog episode, Javier shared what is it like moving from one country to another, what are the differences between his hometown and Adelaide, and how does he usually spend his free time in this new city.

As it’s his first time eating Japanese food, will he like sushis and sashimis served with soya sauce and wasabi? Watch to find out.

Vlog #3: Learning Aussie Slangs with Personal Trainer Adam Cannella

Do you know that Australians call “afternoon” as “arvo,” “football” as “footy,” and “barbecue” as “barbie”? If you do, then good on ‘ya mate!

But what about these words: “woop woop,” “bogan,” and “sheila”? Do you know what they stand for? I bet you “defo” had a hard time.

I recently visited one of the first few mates I’ve made in Adelaide, Adam Cannella, who also runs his own gym and personal training (Adam – Movement Therapy) inside his own house. In our vlog challenge, Adam taught me some of the most commonly used Australian slangs while also teaching me some essential workout tips.

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Vlog #2: First 10 Things You Need To Do When You Migrate To Adelaide, South Australia

What are the most essential items you need to learn & do when you migrate to Adelaide, South Australia?

In this vlog episode, I tag-teamed with my housemate & best friend, JP Quitco, to share with you some of our firsthand insights, knowledge, and experiences as temporary permanent residents (Visa 489) in Adelaide.

We’ll be sharing with you some tips on:

  1. How to look for jobs
  2. Renting houses
  3. Finding your electricity/power and Wi-Fi suppliers
  4. Registering for a tax number
  5. Cnverting your overseas drivers’ licenses
  6. Getting around the city
  7. Applying for bank accounts
  8. Applying for telco/phone lines
  9. Getting you medically insured
  10. Where to go for grocery shopping.

We might have missed out on other important information, so feel free to comment below and share us your thoughts.

Vlog #1: About Me

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Hi there and thanks for visiting my channel! I’m Paolo Avis, founder of HeyPaolo.com, and I migrated to Adelaide, South Australia last March 2019.

Still fresh off the boat, I decided to create this lifestyle blog/vlog in order to help my fellow migrants to learn and discover what it is like living in this festival state and city of churches.

The next vlog episodes lined up in my channel will bring fun and exciting interviews with friends (featuring local Australians, foreigners, and migrants).

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My aim is to help one person at a time and for everyone to see that it’s also fun living in Adelaide City!

See you around, boys and girls.